Listshare shared lists for everything

Screenshot of adding an item to a list in the Listshare app
Screenshot of a list in the Listshare group lists mobile app
Screenshot of the family list index in the Listshare app
Screenshot of the grocery list index in the Listshare app
Screenshot of the checklist index in the Listshare app

Shared shopping and chore lists for your family or flatshare.

Simple and versatile

Good for anything from grocery lists to holiday planning.

Access anywhere

Everyone has the latest list thanks to automatic sync.

Customise your list

Choose colours and setup categories to suit your list.

Smart notifications

Never miss important items, without getting spammed.

The simple group list app.

Main list screen in the Listshare app
Selecting a custom colour for a category in the listshare app
Adding a new item to a list in the listshare app
Browsing history from the listshare app
Make everything easier with a shared list

There's really no limits on what your list can used for. Chores, grocery, quarantine or lockdown shopping, planning & brainstorming are a few ideas.

Customise your list categories and colours

Up to 8 categories gives you plenty of organisation power. Match with your favourite colours and make every list unique!

Assign items to specific people

Great for chores or deciding who brings what. Assign items to users and easily see your assigned items from the list screen.

Full history tools, built right in

Is it really only you buying the toilet paper? Find out with an easy to browse history of everything that happens on your list.

Install the app, register with your email and create your first list!